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Inadvertent use of topical steroid eye drops

Shanti Saroj Netralay | 28 September 2017

Inadvertent use of topical steroid eye drops is associated with steroid induced glaucoma.
We have come across very young children, specially teenagers who have got used to using steroids eye drops for eye allergies or itching. This commonly used eye drop causes very bad blinding eye condition "steroid induced glaucoma". We see at least 5-6 teens per year affected by this problem. At least one per year is nearly blind at presentation.These drops are extremely cheap and available at dead cheap price of 10-15 rupees(thanks to drug price controls act).
And very easily available over the counter without prescription ( thanks to all the pharmaceutical shops) .Use of steroid drops for treatment of allergic conjunctivitis is needed but in limited amount and under doctors guidance.

Never use any eye drop for prolonged period of time without any prescription from an eye doctor.