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Our Doctors

Dr. Sharad Bhomaj Dr. Sharad Bhomaj Vitreo Retinal Surgeon

Dr. Sharad had done his MBBS in 1994 from JNMC Belgaum, and MS(Ophth) in 1998 from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

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Dr. Pooja Bhomaj Dr. Pooja Bhomaj Phaco, Glaucoma Surgeon

Dr. Pooja had done her MBBS in 1997 from Krishna Medical college, Karad and DNB(Ophth) in 2003 from Lions NAB Eye Hospital, Miraj.

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Sharmila WadkarHouse Wife

I underwent Laser Treatment for my eyes in the month of November 2009 and I would like to record my appreciation of thanks to Dr. Sharad and his team!!! I was initially reluctant to get this surgery d...

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Vijay JainBusinessman

Hi Dr. Sharad, I really impressed very much by your this beautiful website profile. Now you can easily explore your profile in front of world. Hearty congrats to you for this....

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Manish PattwardhanStudent

Hello friends, I am a student, because of continuous sitting in front of computer I was suffering through eye computer syndrome problem. But as I took treatment in Shanti Saroj netralay I could get my...

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काचबिंदूची लक्षणेPosted By : Admin On 11 Apr

काचबिंदूमुळे रोग्याला विशेष त्रास होत नसला तरी काही लक्षणे या रोगाची कल्पना देतात. - वारंवार चष्म्याचा नंबर बदलणे. - आजूबाजूची नजर कमी होणे. - गाडी चालविताना बाजूचे न दिसणे. - प्रकाश दिव्याभोवती...

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We Specialize in Eye Care from comprehensive eye examinations to the most advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures.

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Know your Eyes

Eyes are the vital organ that detects light and passes electrical impulses along the optical nerves to the areas of brain. Eyes are the most delicate organ in your body.

A few tips on when to consult an Eye Specialist:

It is very important that you regularly consult a good eye specialist and get your eyes examined regularly to avoid any eye problems.

In case of any eye irritation, do not rub your eyes with your hands. This would aggravate the irritation. Visit a Eye Hospital.

Get your eyes examined if there is hereditary eye problem in your family.

Early diagnosis is always better. Get your child’s eye checked up to diagnose and prevent any eye problems. Consult any Eye Care clinic in your city.

Not all eye problems require surgery. Consult a good Eye specialty Hospital to know more about the simple treatments available for eye problems.

If you are having a Cataract problem, consult an Eye specialist. Cataract problem can be cured by a simple Eye surgery.

Eye Care FAQ

Want to correct your vision?

Get your eyes examined from a good Eye Care Clinic and the ophthalmologist will suggest you the corrective measures.

Is there a Hereditary Eye problem in your family?

Visit an Eye Hospital for information to avoid Hereditary Eye problems. Hereditary eye problems can be prevented by practicing healthy lifestyle and advice from eye doctor.

Are you worried to take up cataract eye surgery?

Cataract problem can be cured by performing a simple eye surgery. It is a simple painless eye surgery. Most of the patients can go home the same day after the surgery.

Is Eye surgery the only treatment option?

Most of the eye problems can be cured without surgery. Get your eyes tested from an eye specialist and know more about the treatment options.